Chrelle Booker was nominated to be a Selective Service System Local Board Member, Region II in 2020, the service is for a 20 year term. Local Board Members are nominated by the state governor or equivalent officials and appointed by the Director of the Selective Service System on behalf of the President.

Local Board Members play an important community role closely connected with our nation’s defense. In the event of a draft, approximately 2,000 Selective Service local boards would decide which registrants in their respective communities receive deferments, postponements, and/or exemptions based upon established criteria.

Booker is a member of the Prosecutorial District Executive Committee, North Carolina, District 42. If any person of a political party dies, resigns, or for any reason becomes ineligible or disqualified to complete their term in office, the vacancy shall be filled by appointment.

Chrelle recently volunteered for the Polk County, North Carolina Public Libraries Strategic Planning Steering Committee. The Strategic Plan will direct how the libraries manages resources over the next five years. It will provide the framework for responsible decision-making and will guide the libraries in providing high-quality and relevant library services to the communities of Polk County.

Booker has found other gratifying volunteer opportunities, she has severed as a Tryon Historical Museum Board of Directors member, volunteering at the Tryon Fine Arts Center, Polk County, North Carolina Democrats Executive Committee Board Member, and Vice Chair, Tryon, North Carolina, Precinct #123.