People Equity & Equality (Racism)

I believe the perceptions of race, racial equity, and racial equality are planted in the heart; sometimes our early beliefs about race stick with us for a lifetime.  These perceptions may pepper every activity we perform in our adult lives.  Therefore, persons in hiring positions or positions of authority may negatively affect others lives without realizing it.  Ultimately, they could be overlooking good workers, people who would be assets to an organization, or perhaps missing the opportunity to form a lifetime friendship.  I often wonder if people even give thought as to why they feel a certain way about race, or wonder who robbed them of their innate ability to love their fellow humans. 

Until recently, I believed no one could be bold enough to hate an entire race of people.  In a video clip, Jimmy Harrison answered my question.  I, like many of you, have been in meetings, seminars, and conversations about race relations, racial equity in the workplace, and racial equality, but we have yet to find a solution.

I hope and believe that the issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion will be solved by future generations.  We must begin to color outside the lines now in order to erase these errors for those generations.  It is my intention that one, some, or all of the following videos will open our hearts and that race issues won’t travel too much longer into the future.   Note:  Jimmy Harrison’s clip IS NOT meant to suggest to anyone watching that the way to Jimmy’s truth is for everyone.  Nor is Jimmy Harrison’s clip meant to support any particular religious faith.

Voting Rights

Voting is the backbone of America.  Americans don’t want to spend another lifetime fighting for the right to vote!    I believe in the creation of a secure, online system for voter access, and I support these bills to fundamentally protect the right to vote for all Americans.

Passed House (12/06/2019)

Voting Rights Advancement Act of 2019

This bill establishes new criteria for determining which states and political subdivisions must obtain preclearance before changes to voting practices in these areas may take effect. (Preclearance is the process of receiving preapproval from the Department of Justice or the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia before making legal changes that would affect voting rights.)

Passed House (03/03/2021)

For the People Act of 2021

This bill addresses voter access, election integrity and security, campaign finance, and ethics for the three branches of government.

Future of Work

Future jobs can be challenging, but exciting:  Artificial Intelligence, new discoveries in technology, creative entrepreneurship, and STEM.  Our schools need to implement creative solutions to introduce children to these new fields as early as second grade.

Family and Medical Leave Act

We’ve had a lot of trauma in the last couple of years.  Thousands of people are out of work because of illness or the necessity of providing care for loved ones.  Many need paid family leave.  I’ve had my own experience where I could have used paid leave myself.  For those of you who have had to endure your loved ones hospitalization during COVID and/or Pre-COVID, I know your stress, fear, and uncertainty.  

My dad had such an experience and was on ventilator/life support for about a month.  From the time our family arrived at the hospital, we were daily given the option to unplug him.  Although we didn’t, it is incredibly traumatic when you witness a human being swell and puff up right in front of you for such a long period.   When the sickness is long-term and your pay comes from hourly work, at some point paid family leave would be a tremendous help.  Here’s my Dad’s story, minus the stress our own bodies endured.  Perhaps it will give hope and inspiration to someone. 


(Daddy’s Story, Nite Line Oct/2011)


I am not Pro-Abortion. However, I believe a woman has the choice to make decisions concerning her body.

Gun Control

I believe in the right of Americans to own firearms for self-defense, and I am for background checks, psychological testing, and mandatory training for firearms owners.

Medical Cannabis

I am in favor of legalizing cannabis for medicinal uses because of its multiple healing properties: relief of chronic pain, improves lung capacity, regulate diabetes, assists in cancer treatment, helps treat depression, shows promise in autism treatment, regulate seizures, treatment for glaucoma, slows development of Alzheimer’s disease, helps with PTSD symptoms, and helps with tremors associated with Parkinson’s disease, just to name a few of its health benefits.

Minimum Wage

I believe the minimum wage in the US should be raised to $15


Our antiquated system is a safety issue. Fixing it is necessary for the public interest and will create new employment opportunities.

Genetically Modified Foods

The FDA should require full and clear disclosure of GMO content in our food.

Regulations on Realtors

  • I’m an Independent Contractor, approximately 87% of Realtors are.  It is my intention to advocate on behalf of NC Realtors to keep this classification.
  • Since 1982, real estate professionals have enjoyed an explicit protection in the Internal Revenue Code (I.R.C.), 26 U.S.C. §3508, which provides the framework to be classified as statutory non-employees for federal tax purposes. Under the ABC Test, a worker is presumed to be an employee unless the employer can show that all three of the following conditions are satisfied: 1) the worker is free from the control and direction of the hiring entity in connection with the performance of the work, 2) the worker performs work that is outside the usual course of the hiring entity’s business, and 3) the worker is customarily engaged in an independently established trade, occupation, or business of the same nature as that involved in the work performed.
  • I know how important the 1031 exchange or like-kind exchange is for the real estate industry and to grow the economy, and will fight for its preservation.